Trout Creek School Come S.O.A.R:
  • Respectful Students
  • Always Responsible
  • On Task Learning
  • Safety First

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  • Congratulations to all Graduates! Have a GREAT summer everybody!

Parent Information

Starting April 18th: Early Kindergarten Preregistration begins for children that will be 4 years old by Sept. 10, 2022 & Kindergarten for those children that will be 5. Contact the school office for more information, 406-827-3629.

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Our Mission!

Trout Creek School believes that public education has a shared responsibility with the home, school, and community to develop the potential of each student as fully as possible. Parents and educators must be proactive as well as responsive in meeting the individual needs and learning styles of children. This education of all students will be fostered by a nurturing, challenging, disciplined and safe environment, so their performance is a positive reflection upon themselves, as well as a diverse and changing society as a whole.


Nurturing, challenging, discipline, and a safe environment influence positive performance for each student, which reflects on our changing society.

Eagles S.O.A.R

Safety First. On Task Learning. Always Responsible. Respectful Students